3 Basic Laws: The difference between success and mediocrity

American entrepreneur Jim Rohn developed the 3 Basic Laws over 35 years ago and his principles still ring as true today as they did back then. They address the fundamentals of success in sales and marketing in every environment, including our current digital age.

One of his biggest advocates from early on is Dale Calvert, founder of the multi-million dollar business Calvert Marketing Group. He attributes much of the company’s success to following these 3 Basic Law.

Dale, thanks for joining us. Tell us how you come across Jim Rohn and his 3 Basic Laws?

It seems like yesterday, but it was 1982. I had been involved in the network marketing industry a couple of years and was seriously doubting if it was ever going to happen for me.

Waving Flag of Columbus, Ohio
A group of about 30 of our distributors were driving to Columbus, Ohio about a 2 ½ hour drive from our home in Kentucky to hear the great Jim Rohn.

To say I was excited, or filled with anticipation would be a major understatement. When we walked into the arena I was in awe, there must have been 10,000+ people in the room.

It was by far the largest training seminar I had ever attended.

The crowd alone gave me hope, that there really are other people who see the business the way I do.

What was his impact on you and your business?

Farmer Walking Through Field Checking Wheat Crop

The great Jim Rohn came to the podium. He shared his Iowa farm boy story and tweaked the audience’s brain with thought provoking idea after idea.

Then the moment happened, he told the story that I had heard literally hundreds of times before on his “Take Charge of Your Life” audio set that I had ordered a couple of years before, but this time something happened in my heart and soul, I REALLY HEARD IT!



I know you have probably had a similar experience in your life; I call this process getting information from your head to your heart.

Heart vs Mind


From that moment on, my business was never the same; I left that seminar knowing that I was going to make it. The story I had heard so many times before landed in my heart and became part of me. That day was literally a day that changed my life.


How did you share these 3 Basic Laws with the rest of your company?

14 years later in January of 1996 I had taken the concept from that seminar and developed a network marketing organization that was paying me nearly 6 figures A MONTH!

We were having our National Conference for our distributors, and had hired the GREAT JIM ROHN to speak. He had agreed to share the same concept that he had shared in Columbus Ohio 14 years earlier.

He had been doing a new talk around the country and wanted to do that. My reaction was ABSOLUTELY NOT! I am sure that the new talk is awesome, and he can talk about whatever he chooses to but he MUST include the talk on 3 Basic Laws that I heard in Columbus, many years earlier.

Mr Rohn was very accommodating and agreed to cover the 3 Basic Laws during his 3 hour presentation.

AdobeStock_94754862 fixed
I was waiting behind stage to introduce Mr. Rohn. I wanted this to be a special introduction and I had put a lot of thought into what I wanted to say.

The MC brought me on the stage and I read from my journal and shared some thoughts on the impact Mr. Rohn had made on my life and my business. I read from my journal regarding the day that changed my life around years earlier in Columbus Ohio

What was the response?

When I brought Mr. Rohn to the stage our team gave him a standing ovation that seemed to go on and on for 10 minutes. Mr. Rohn later said that it was the best introduction he had ever received.



I was standing in the back of the room during the presentation so I could observe the audience. Mr. Rohn’s event coordinator at the time, I think his name was Steve kept saying things like:

“My goodness he is really ON today”
“I have never seen Jim with so much conviction in his delivery”
“He really has some extra punch today”

And on and on…

Quite frankly, I was so caught up in the emotion of the moment that I really didn’t recognize at the time how POWERFUL THIS PRESENTATION really was.

However, when I had the opportunity to go back and review the video of the seminar, I was ecstatic.

Others who have seen this presentation all agree that they have never seen Mr. Rohn any better.


Quite frankly, this is the absolute BEST TRAINING JIM ROHN HAS EVER DONE. I have not seen or heard a seminar with this much intensity and hard hitting, thought provoking information.

And the result?

Top 10 clip-art on white background
The proof came after the conference, as our organization went on a recruiting momentum that to this day is legendary and catapulted us to being recognized as 1 of the top 10 companies in Network Marketing!

My personal income broke the $100,000 a month barrier and a few months later topped $300,000 a month.

The good news is that we captured every bit of this presentation. I cannot express in words what watching this will do for you and your business.

If you are already a Jim Rohn fan adding this unique Seminar to your database is
mandatory. If you are not familiar with Mr. Rohn, you will become a raving fan after you experience this training.

You will want to share this with everyone on your team and those loved ones you care about.

It is simply awesome.

Why should I buy this training package?

I know that this program will speak to you and make a significant difference in your business and your life.


As Mr. Rohn says, “You never ask what it cost, only what is it worth?”

We sincerely want to get this in as many people’s hands as possible. It is that powerful, and can make a significant difference in the life of many people. For me it was everything. It was exactly what I needed to hear, at the exact time in my life! I believe it could be for you as well.

As Mr. Rohn says, “what if the event you don’t attend, was the event for you?” I hate to think that I could have missed that life changing day in Columbus, Ohio.
What if this training, is the one for you, the one training that becomes the difference between success and mediocrity?

I simply cannot recommend this highly enough. The investment so low, that every serious business minded person can find a way to work this into their budget easily if they want it bad enough.